HORARIO: Jueves 12:00 hrs y Sábado 21:00 hrs (España)

Sábado 10:00 hrs (Filipinas)

Retransmisión:  Miércoles 21:00 hrs (México)

  • We are called to bring the voice of the Word to you! Yes, to you—the young people of today, the hope of tomorrow. Together let us inspire each other to live a great life by understanding what it is and what drives it. We are from different realities in life, making sure that we will be able to touch where you are in yours. ​
  • Your hosts: Angelyn Enriquez (student), Gelo Balsita (young professional), Menchie Quiñal (working adult)
  • Your scriptwriters: Adriana Haro, Jay-anne Desabelle
  • Your Editor: Shiela Ramos

Idioma : Ingles    País: Cebú Filipinas